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It is our goal and hope that all peoples will be ready to hear our story, which does not conform to the paradigm of typical stereotypes. The only agenda we hold is to share our love and passion for surfing...and hopefully establish some friendships along the way.

In a sport and lifestyle that is known for igniting passion in those who heed the call, for black surfers, this passion is no different. Diversity in today's surf culture is taking shape in eclectic ways - in gender and ethnicities.

With a starting point in the winter swells of Northern California, Darrick Clayton and Kevin Cooke, and Jason Gittens set off on a journey to discover an enigma of the surfing culture that has quietly been around for decades.

Surfing is not typically known for its inhabitants of Black surfers... These documentarians embark on a personal discovery of a world of surfers who have lived the culture for well over 30 years. This documentary will reveal a rare and unique perspective of the world of surfing.


09/2007 - Oneill Cold Water Classic
07/2007 - Santa Cruz Surfers...

06/2007 - June video shoot in the can...

BSA Founder, Tony Corley
Paso Robles, CA




Pro Surfer Chris Dennis
@ Oneill Cold Water Classic
Santa Cruz, CA

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Directed and Produced By;
Darrick Clayton & Kevin Cooke
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