Los Angeles, CA
September 2007
Jena 6 Rally Pictures

In Jena Louisiana, six black students were charged with attempted murder for beating up a white student after he racially taunted and provoked them. The state prosecutor claimed the 'attempted murder weapon' was a shoe. This has stirred up feelings of injustice toward blacks that has been happening for decades, if not, centuries.

These events in Jena should not be happening. This concern led Rhonda Harper to organize a march of support in Hollywood. She is the founder of Inkwell Surf & Skate Clothing Company. She is also a Black Surfer.

We chose to go and show our support as soon as we got word of the events. Everything happened very quickly…

  • 4:00pm We pulled out of San Francisco.

  • 10:00pm We met Rhonda and her crew at the Inkwell office to make marching signs.

  • 11:30pm We were off to a good friend Rob's house who generously welcomed us with only a few hours notice…Thanks Rob!

  • 4:45am We woke up for the 6:00am march down Sunset Blvd. We marched and rallied for 2 hours…Darrick even made a speech.

  • 9:00am We were on the road further south to Newport Beach to catch Chris Dennis' competing. After the heat we had an enlightening lunch with Chris and his friend Tova.

  • 2:30pm We were back on the road to San Francisco.

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