Plaskett Creek
Community Campout
Big Sur, CA
September 2007

Plaskett Creek Pictures

Everything about this project seems to grow wonderfully greater than our expectations. And this community campout was no exception. The mission was to have a gathering of a handful of Black Surfers from northern California and the central coast for an overnight camping/surf trip to the Big Sur Area. And of course we would film the entire event.

Right away things took off. The one night turned to 2 nights. The handful of people turned into over 30 people from all over the California coast. The commonly chest high beach break turned into overhead peaks peeling endlessly along the beach. And a simple idea of a potluck escalated into a feast fit for kings and queens! A couple highlights being the sautéed snapper that Gary caught in his kayak in the afternoon and the brown rice sushi rolled by Rose.

This event epitomized community support!

We are thankful to all of the surfers who made the journey.
We are thankful to all of their loved ones who came to support them on the journey.
We are especially thankful to Dennis, Lindy & Kaelan for their production support…and breakfast burritos!!!
And we send special thanks to Danny for production/surf photos!

We are thankful to Magnet Image Video for supporting us with production equipment. And most of all we are thankful for all the positive energy everyone brought to the event.

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