The Experienced and the Novice...
Gary, Jamila, and DeAndre
Santa Cruz, CA
July 2007 ............................................Santa Cruz Pics

Pre-journey MealAlthough Jason could not join us on this leg of the quest he still hosted the now traditional pre-journey meal. Digging into his background as an international chef he whipped up a meal that still makes the mouth water. Then like the fair maidens sending the knights off to find the golden chalice Jason’s lovely wife & daughter gave us besos pequenos as a gesture of good luck.

Anticipation made the morning come quickly. We were off to the famous surf town of Santa Cruz. Before we left we had to pick up two people who graciously stepped in to assist on the shoot. Robert would be DP for the day. He has been making films since he was 3 years old and now, a head wise with grey hairs, his passion for filmmaking burns hotter than ever. Nando would be Grip & Photographer. His energy and enthusiasm were so high that we could have put a bounce card by him to light the shots. And once again Magnetic Image donated a quiver of gear. We are so thankful for everyone's support!

This quest started out as our mission to discover community. As we continue down the path we are honored to find the community embracing us and inspiring us to take that next step.

Santa Cruz Lighthouse
(lighthouse, Santa Cruz CA)



The first stop in Santa Cruz put us in the hills just above downtown not far from the old municipal building that used to be the gathering place to watch surf films back in the 70's. We met a surfer who grew up in the area and has been surfing for over 30 years. He has surfed the world and now resides in Santa Cruz as a hero in his work as a fire captain and surfboard shaper. His name is Gary Cocroft.

He and his 4-legged companion, Otis, showed nothing but hospitality as we explored their home before deciding on a place to hear Gary's story. While we set up Gary quenched our thirst with some large glasses of his favorite OJ Spritzers(Odwalla OJ & Orangina). Otis found a comfortable spot right in the middle of the gear to lay out so we could easily rub his belly for good luck. In a little time it was "Lights. Camera. Action!" Our only obstacle was a small plane towing a banner whose flight path was directly above Gary's house. Thankfully surfing had taught all of us the art of patience.

Three Little Birds...


From Gary's place we made our way to the coast via a burrito joint for refueling. It was there that we hooked up for one of the most anticipated interviews. It was with a 9 year old girl named Jamila who heard about the film and was eager to share her passion. As a bonus we got to speak with her 12 year friend DeAndre and her parents.

At 9 years old and only a few months into her surfing life she has all of the wisdom of a seasoned soul surfer. Our time with them is best summed up by Jamila's note to us:

Thank you for including me in your documentary. I really appreciate the opportunity. Most kids don't get to have this kind of chance to be in something as special as this, like what you guys are doing. Good luck and I hope this film turns out well and lots of people get to see your hard work. It's a definite see-er. Wishin' you all much stokedness!

Stayin Stoked,
Mila Lankford

Soul Surfer Jamila

Thank you, Jamila!!!


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