One Mans Vision of Umoja (Unity)...
Tony Corley, Founder of the Black Surfing Association
Paso Robles, CA

.Tony Corley Pictures

Tony Corley has been surfing for well over 30 years. He started surfing in a time when, not only was it rare to see Black Surfers, but it was rare to see surfers period! This is another reminder for us of how young surfing is in America. When we met up with Tony Saturday evening; he shared stories from decades of photos chronicling his Black Surfing experience. Tony's passion for surfing was quite clear as we combed through hundreds of old surf photos, articles, and other memorabilia. It was like walking through a collage of Black surfing history.

Tony is also passionate about the relationships he's formed through surfing. As the founding father of the Black Surfing Association, Tony seems to be a surrogate father to many of us searching for other Surfer's like us, who desire to share that common bond, and acknowledge what makes us unique within our own cultural uniqueness.

We also shared many stories about "the good old days" with good friend Jim Norman. These guys grew up a part of a generation that had different challenges than today. The stoke that surfing has brought them (and brings us) has transcended decades of challenges and years of change. Thanks to both of them for being there first and laying the ground work that is yet to be finished.

Special Thanks to Rose for blessing us with a Sunday morning meal. They were the most gracious of hosts to us.

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