Kevin, at nineteen years of age, heeded the call of surfing and bought his first surf board, a 6'2" WRV, from a friend for $100. Living in Silver Spring, Maryland, and being 5 hours from the Outer Banks of North Carolina without a car, it would be a couple of years before he would take his first paddle-out.

In the meantime, he completed his bachelor’s degree in art at Howard University in Washington, D.C. A year after finishing at Howard, he relocated to the chilly waters of Northern California, where his passion for surfing came into full bloom. Currently, he still has his first love, the 6'2" WRV, plus he has added a 9'0" WRV Long Board and an 8'0" Linden Catalina Fun Board to the collection.

Kevin has surfed and lived in Pacifica, California for over 10 years. These days, Kevin is blending his passion for surfing and video / film production by producing this unique documentary

Kevin is married to his wife, Bethany. They have two children, Zoë, age 6, and Gordon, age 3.


Darrick grew up as a competitive Bodyboarder in Carlsbad, California, in the mid-80's then strayed from the ocean while in college to take up volleyball. Even then, he would take annual surf trips to Baja or Nexpa. After graduating college he was back in the water, still Bodyboarding, but leaning towards Surfing.

After relocating to the heart of New Jersey, he was beached again. Taking extreme measures into his own hands, he packed up and, with a friend decided to learn to surf while on the road. For 18 months, with surfboards and backpacks, they traveled the world. In learning to surf, Darrick's first experiences as a stand-up Surfer were South Africa, Mauritius, Indonesia, Australia & New Zealand; with a few other non-surfing countries in between.

Upon returning to the U.S., Darrick settled in San Francisco where Ocean Beach became his home break. He spent a few years in Seattle where, when grad school would allow, he made the occasional 2 1/4 hour surf trip out to Westport.

Darrick is married to his wife, Alisa. They have a daughter, Xiara, who is 2 and another on the way.

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