(L-R, Kevin Cooke, Darrick Clayton, and Jason Gittens)

This production is a collaborative effort between three black surfers who share a bond and passion for surfing. These surfers bring collective experience and backgrounds in video production, art, multimedia, web, and content development, and acting.

Jason Gittens
Production Management, Videography, Video and Photography Direction, and other Production Logistics. For more information contact Jason directly at jason@blacksurferdocumentary.com

Darrick Clayton
Directing, Story Development,Web Content, and other production aspects. For more information contact direct Darrick directly at darrick@blacksurferdocumentary.com

Kevin Cooke
Directing, Story Development, Web Content, Videography, Editing, and Production Logistics. For more information contact Kevin directly at kevin@blacksurferdocumentary.com.

Directed and Produced By;
Darrick Clayton & Kevin Cooke

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