Black Surfer will be a rare and unique look in to the culture of surfing. In a sport and lifestyle that is known for igniting passion in those who heed the call, diversity in today's surf culture is taking shape in eclectic ways - in gender and ethnicities.

With a starting point in the winter swells of Northern California, Darrick Clayton and Kevin Cooke set off on a journey to discover an enigma of the surfing culture that has quietly been around for decades. In a sport not typically known for the participation of African Americans, they discover a world of surfers who have lived the culture for over 30 years. This documentary will reveal a rare and unique perspective of the world of surfing.

Black Surfer is a documentary about the surfing culture told from a rare perspective. It is an independently produced and funded project (although we are more than happy to receive donations & sponsorship!). The goal is to share a story about a part of surfing that is not commonly seen or heard.

The documentary will also take a historical look at surf legends who answered the call in a time and place set apart from today's world, but not that distant in the past. These legends shared the same passion for the culture that so many surfers of all ethnicities share today. These legends established themselves in the youth of surf culture during a time of racial hostilities and before surfing's popularity emerged in the late 1950's; the post-Gidget era.

This will be an educational experience for the storytellers, the surf culture, as well as for the black global community. The aim is to tell a story that will captivate a variety of audiences.

The term "Black Surfer" was chosen to capture the universal reflection of a quiet global culture. Surf culture spans many generations, many ethnicities, and many continents. Discoveries throughout this journey will be of African descent, Jamaican descent, and American heritage. To use any other term sensitive to political correctness could not accurately encompass the depth of this story.

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